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"La valentía de la verdad, la fe en el poder del espíritu, es la primera condición de la filosofía"
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Last update:
April, 2010



From March 26th 2010 through the whole of April there will be a bi-cultural meeting between Mexico and Italy at the Centro Cultural Italiano (Italian Cultural Center), Calle Francisco Sosa 76 in Coyoacan, Mexico City. The central point of this meeting will be humanity. There will be everything – from philosophy to music and art. The CEF Miranda will participate in the philosophy program with the presence of renown Italian and Mexican philosophers. More information later.

Investigation stays

At the Center of Philosophical Studies J.P. Miranda

Addressees: Professors, investigators, researchers, students whose thesis and fundamental principles argue in favor of the dignity of the human being.

Project 1.  Write a research article, a short academic report or a lecture.
Duration:  two weeks.

Project 2. Propose in the writing of an article a thesis which uses the work of Porfirio Miranda in its basic fundamental arguments.
Duration: one month.

Project 3.   Write a thesis or a book on the works or life of Porfirio Miranda.
Duration: three months.

For more information click here. For English speakers a minimum of Spanish is required and the wish to learn more Spanish while here.

Study and Discussion Forum

Study Forum on the works of J.P.  Miranda.

The Forum in Spanish continues. We have covered the themes: Happiness, Justice, Democracy, Morality. Why the Subject?  On February 15th we start the theme Self Awareness.  We await your comments.

It is not a problem if you are behind. You can catch up at your own pace.
We hope after the summer break this year to start the forum in English. The themes will be the same with both lectures and discussion in English.

For more information, method of work, themes and dates consult our blog.


The book: “La Idea de la libertad. Contribuciones a la Filosofía Práctica de Hegel” (The idea of Freedom. Contributions to the practical philosophy of Hegel) in Spanish by Dr. Klaus Vieweg is now on sale at UAM and CEFmiranda. It contains the three conferences given by Dr. Vieweg while in Mexico in UAM and in CEFmiranda. Dr. Vieweg added a fourth part which completes the series. Dr. Vieweg is director of the Philosophy department in Friedrich Schiller Universität, Jena.

Marx and the Bible was re-edited in Spanish by UAM I. It is available in the UAM bookshop or at CEFmiranda. It is available in English at Orbis Books.

A German translation of J.P. Miranda’s book “Appell an die Vernunft”, ( Appeal to Reason) is presently at the printers at UAM, ready to be distributed. For information, consult infoatcefmirandadotorg.

‘Hegel was Right’ is waiting to be printed and information can also be found at

We will inform you here of the place, date and hour of the presentation of these two books.

José Porfirio Miranda Library

The library of his books and manuscripts is now open for your use. Please visit us …
More information here.


There are now rooms for rent at reasonable prices for professors and researchers. There are weekend rates as well as monthly. Each room has its en suite bathroom as well as Internet access. Views of the beautiful garden and the volcanoes are yours.
More information here.