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Philosophy is: assuming the responsibility of the whole human history.Philosophizing therefore is a task that comes from an ethical responsibility (1).

The only way for philosophy to start is by experiencing injustice and hearing the cries of the oppressed (2).

One’s neighbor is the end not the means however altruistic.

Scientific criteria is the backbone of investigation.

Empiric and materialistic theories which deny the human spirit impede its development in history. (3).

(1) José Porfirio Miranda

(2) Miranda’s response to Hegel’s question, From where do you start to philosophize? JPM journal p. 978.

(3) Alberto Montoya, “First Version of the Philosophical Manifestos”, July 2006


CEF, Philosophical Studies Center, is the space created to keep, publicize and research the work of this well-known Mexican philosopher. It is, as well, a space of study, critical and creative thinking, producing well thought out alternatives to the problems facing humankind today, taking into account the truth demonstrated by the most relevant of thinkers both past and present. And being up today with the new discoveries and more significant ideas of sciences, human as well as natural.


To conserve, investigate and popularize the legacy that is José Porfirio Miranda’s work, manuscripts and library as well as later works produced by CEF.

To promote knowledge of the philosophy and works of Jose Porfirio Miranda to students and researchers.

To instigate analysis, research and philosophical discussion of the most relevant problems in today’s world systematically, rationally and ethically.

To forge agreements of cooperation with universities, centers of middle and higher education, governmental and non-governmental institutions or organizations in relation to the activities of CEF.

To give students and researchers a suitable place and the means necessary for  thinking, studying, discussing and imparting philosophical criticism.

To translate and popularize in different languages, preferably English, the books and works of Jose Porfirio Miranda.

To promote through national or foreign publications books and works relevant to the investigations.

To publish in prestigious national and international books or magazines articles on how our investigations are advancing.

To use electronic means to popularize the author’s works, CEF’s research and philosophical dialogue.

To keep on and give service to researchers in the Author Library.

To implement research seminars according to different interests.

To support inter- institutional, national and international research work.

To make known Porfirio Miranda works: books, and manuscripts.

The Newsletter has been thought as a mean of information and participation.

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